Providing adventure is at the heart of our mission and at the moment pennies don’t go as far as they used to. We don’t want that to stop the adventure. So we have a little way to help

We are excited to announce the Cardiff East Scout Lottery.

Cardiff East Scout Lottery

How does it work?

Each month it is £3 to enter. For an entry to count the £3 needs to be in the account by the 26th of each month marked with your unique reference number.

We recommend setting up a standing order, so it happens without having to worry

The draw will then take place on the 28th of each month. The winner will be notified and their number will be published as close to that date as we can.

What does the £3 do and how much can I win?

£1 gets added to the prize pot, £1 is sent to the group you nominated on the sign-up form, and the last £1 is added to the District fund.

The good news is the more people we have sign up the bigger the prize pot so please tell a friend. We will publish the prize pot each month when we announce the winning number.

How to sign-up

Fill out this form here.

Useful Info

You may be thinking, can I get more than one number? Yes of course feel free to transfer as many multiples of £3 as you would like and notify us to let us know how many you are entering.

If you would like to pay for multiple months in one go that is not a problem either. Please just contact us to let us know the details so we can enter you for the right months.

Now for the formal bit, this is run under a gambling license issued by the Cardiff Council. All draws will be recorded and where possible will be done by the young people it is going to benefit.

Thank you so much for taking part. If you were to play for 12 months it is enough to take 3 people climbing.

If you have any questions please drop us a message at (this email is being set up for now email Joe)

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